Caliburn Aegis, PC was formed with the busy client in mind.

Caliburn Aegis, PC was formed with the busy client in mind. The name of the firm literally stands for "sword and shield." The word "Caliburn" comes from the old English name "Excalibur," which was the mythical sword of Arthurian legend. The name "Aegis" comes from the rounded shield that the Greek god Athena wielded in Greek mythology.

With that in mind, we understand how diverse legal matters can be and how unexpectedly they can arise. It can be stressful. Our job is to become your sword and shield and take on that stress with knowledge, diligence, and expertise, so you don't have to.

Business & Commercial

Real Estate


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Caliburn Aegis is the best law firm to handle your business-based needs and more.
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Caliburn Aegis caters to your needs as an entrepreneur. We understand that every business, big or small, needs help at some point with tough legal issues. Caliburn Aegis responds to those issues and helps you succeed. That is what we do.

Hospitality & Hotels

Our lawyers are experienced, representing Hospitality Industry clients across Michigan and Metro-Detroit.

Labor and Employment

Our strengths in the workplace, especially the hospitality industry, include labor-management relations.

Landlord-Tenant & Leasing

We successfully preserve the profits and equity of landlords who are working hard to run a successful business.

Estate Planning

We deal with all aspects of estate planning.

Probate Distribution

We guide clients through probate proceedings.

Insurance Defense

we represent individuals throughout Michigan whose insurance claims have been denied and are looking for solutions.

Caliburn Aegis Law Firm

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